Chateau Cablanc Winery


alby Marketing is proud to present the wines of Chateau Cablanc from France.

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  • 1885 Pinot Noir
    1885 Pinot Noir
    This Pinot Noir develops fruity aromas along with woody notes. Supple and pleasant in mouth, this w ...
  • 1885 Rosé
    1885 Rosé
    This Cinsault-Grenache reveals a bright pink color. The nose offers delicate aromas of raspberry and ...
  • Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux
    Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux
    A dark ruby-red colour characterises this vintage, which reveals refined aromas of red fruit and spi ...
  • Chateau Lamothe Castera
    Chateau Lamothe Castera
    Brilliant red ruby color. The nose marked by flavors of red small ripe fruits, spices and of vanill ...
  • Ma Belle Reserve Chateauneuf du Pape
    Ma Belle Reserve Chateauneuf du Pape
    Intense red and pleasant color with garnet red reflections. Balanced aromas with notes of black frui ...
  • Village Bordeaux Rouge
    Village Bordeaux Rouge
    The deep crimson colour is accompanied by powerful notes of blackcurrant and black cherry mingling w ...