Where to Buy

Halby Marketing’s wines are available across the United States. Not all wines are available in all stores, states and locations. Please contact one of our distributors to find out if a specific wine is available near you. (And we strongly recommend that you call a store near you in advance to find out if the wine you seek is in stock.)

To find Dachshund Riesling at a store near you, visit our “Where to Buy Dachshund Riesling” page for local distribution.

For all other wines, here is a partial list of our distributors across the U.S.

American B.D.
Athen’s Distributing
Best Brands
Can-Am Distributing
Carroll Co.
Elite Brands
Frank-Lin Beverage
Glazer’s Distributing
Golden Barrel
Idaho Distributing
Imperial Beverage
International W&S
Marketplace Selections
Mega Wines
Metro Premium Wines
Mexcor Distributing
Mutual Distributing
Okoboji Wines
Opici Family Distributing
Premium Brands
Quality W&S
Republic-National Distributing
Ruby Wines
Rush Distributing
Southern Wine & Spirits
Specialty Imports
Thompson Distributing
Vehr’s Inc.
Wicked Wines
Wirtz Distributing