Barbeito VineyardsBarbeito CasksMadeira is a fortified Portuguese wine made in the Madeira Islands.Some wines produced in small quantities in California and Texas are also referred to as “Madeira”, or “Madera”, though it is not correct.

The wine is produced in a variety of styles ranging from dry wines which can be consumed on their own as an aperitif, to sweet wines more usually consumed with dessert. Cheaper versions are often flavoured with salt and pepper for use in cooking. The Portugese islands of Madeira have a long winemaking history dating back to the Barbeito Vineyards LongshotAge of Exploration when Madeira was a standard port of call for ships heading to the New World or East Indies.

To prevent the wine from spoiling, neutral grape spirits were added. On the long sea voyages, the wines would be exposed to excessive heat and movement which transformed the flavour of the wine as the wine producers of Madeira found out when an unsold shipment of wine returned to the islands after a round trip.

Today, Madeira is noted for its unique winemaking process which involves heating the wine up to temperatures as high as 60 degrees. Click here for more from Wikipedia.Barbeito Workers Harvesting

About Barbeito

Vinhos Barbeito, founded in 1946, is today one of the most important Madeira wine producers, and the only one still under family ownership. To us, Madeira wine is not just a business, it is a family tradition and a way of life.

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  • Barbeito 3 Year Old Dry Madiera
    Barbeito 3 Year Old Dry Madiera
    With a bright amber color and hints of brown sugar, walnuts, orange rind and caramel. The wine is ex ...
  • Barbeito Cristóvão Colombo 10 Year Old – Malmsey
    Barbeito Cristóvão Colombo 10 Year Old – Malmsey
    Malmsey is the sweetest wine made from the malvasia grape produced on the southern slopes of Madeira ...