Tank room with barrelsThe Spanish conquerors planted the first vines in Chile during the sixteenth century. Centuries later, Pedro Etcheberry, French agronomist, started the family tradition. Finca Patagonia is a family-owned company with a strong agricultural tradition, based on pillars such as trust, responsibility, respect for the environment and teamwork. Today, the members of the family are focused with passion and dedication to produce the best wines in Chile.

Finca Patagonia Winery is located in the central region of Chile. There are three different valleys that produce grapes in order to create their wines. The Curico, Colchagua and Maule Valleys are the eldest and most relevant wine tradition of the country where the widest grape diversity has been cultivated.

Free flow grape juice at pressThis region of Chile has a Mediterranean-style climate. They have temperature fluctuations between the day and the night. This provides a great place for the grapes to grow and reach their full potential. The soils in the Villa Alegre region are derived from volcanic ash and consist of sand to sandy-loam earth.

The philosophy of this winery is to pay attention to the smallest details and provide excellent service while adapting the company to proved to the different needs of customers.

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Finca Patagonia Reserve

Bodega buildingThe grapes used for the Finca Patagonia Reserve line are exclusively selected and hand-picked at the ideal stage of ripeness from vineyards in Maule Valley.  An outstanding quality terroir with a great balance between climate, soil and vineyards gives these wines a distinctive quality. Extraordinary concentration, elegance and balance create higher complexity wines ideal for enjoying on any occasion.

  • Finca Patagonia Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    Finca Patagonia Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    This Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve has an intense ruby color. It is a complex wine with ripe fruits and ...
  • Finca Patagonia Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
    Finca Patagonia Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
    This Sauvignon Blanc has a yellow color with greenish tones. A complex nose dominated by pineapple ...
  • Finca Patagonia Reserve Syrah
    Finca Patagonia Reserve Syrah
    This Syrah has a violet dark color. it is a sophisticated with with notes of cherry liquor, spices ...

Finca Patagonia Grand Reserve

Pickers along vineFinca Patagonia Grand Reserve line is the result of our terroir joined with the precise, meticulous, controlled and dedicated work of the winemaking department.  Hillside clay and angular stone based soils are combined with very warm days and cooler nights to provide the optimal ripening conditions for this distinctive selection.  All of the Grand Reserve wines are carefully oak-aged to produce a perfect balance between fruit and oak.  Well-rounded style with soft and elegant tannins are the main characteristics in this range of wines.

  • Finca Patagonia Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah
    Finca Patagonia Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah
    This is an intense, complex wine with aromas of roses, cherries, berries, and fig. In the mouth it ...


The Expedicion line is a tribute to Antoine Dominique Bordes.  Originally from Bordeaux, France, this sailing man arrived to Cape Horn in the Chilean Patagonia during an expedition to explore our central wine valleys and to discover all the benefits of Maule’s noble grape varieties.  The Expedicion line shows fresh and fruity wines that are easy to drink with an outstanding balance.  Well structured wines are the winemaker’s main objective and these wines perfectly reflect all characteristics, aromas and flavors of each variety.

  • Expedicion Syrah
    Expedicion Syrah
    This Syrah has an intense red violet color with shades of blue. It has a prominent cherry liquor ar ...