Diez Merito Pemartin Barrel RoomA winery in the Jerez Denomination of Origin is something unique. Nowhere else in the world does this unique wine grow. The Díez Merit Winery brings two hundred years of history with wines and names that will conquer our senses.

In 1876 the brothers Díez and Pérez de Muñoz began a wine-making business in Jerez. Years later they were joined by their brother Francis, creating “Díez Hermanos”, when his Majesty King Alfonso XII awarded them the honorific title of “Provider of the Royal House” and with it the use of the “Royal Coat of Arms” in Invoices and labels.

Later, the heirs of the founding partners acquired the “Marques del Merito” wineries and, in 1979, they joined “Díez Hermanos,” forming DÍEZ-MÉRITO.

In 1981, the winery became part of the Rumasa Group, incorporating brands such as Pemartin, the Otaola liquor range and the Bertola. In 1985 Marcos Eguizabal acquired the “Die-Merit” warehouses to join the other brands.

Barrels and tableIn March 2016, the Jerez family Espinosa, acquired the wineries constituting Bodegas and Vineyards Diez-Merit, re-endowing the company with its own entity, incorporating vineyards and cellars of sober presence, such as Bertemati, a majestic building dating from 1790 which owes its name to one of its first owners: the Marquis de Misa, and the cellar of El Cuadro, where the wisdom of Jerez permeates every corner. From the beautiful sacristy where wines are sampled and the different hulls of cellar, composed of arcades and vaults, where the wines rest and age in a silent way, to the courtyards and gardens that oxygenate through the doors and windows to the centenarian Criaderas and Soleras where you can smell and feel the strength of one of the oldest wines in the world: the prestigious Amontillado Fino Imperial, which date back to 1876.

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  • Pemartin Amontillado Medium Dry Sherry
    Pemartin Amontillado Medium Dry Sherry
    The fragrant flavorsome Sherry wine is appreciated as an aperitif or in lieu of a cocktail. It compl ...
  • Pemartin Dry Fino Sherry
    Pemartin Dry Fino Sherry
    Crisp and delicate, with out a trace of sweetness, this Sherry is the choice of connoisseurs to acco ...
  • Pemartin Rich Cream Sherry
    Pemartin Rich Cream Sherry
    This velvety, full-flavored Sherry is a luscious supplement to most desserts and a classic treat wit ...
  • Pemartin Solera Brandy
    Pemartin Solera Brandy
    Choice eaux-de-vie aged oak butts produce this Solera Brandy of a delicate aroma and smooth palate.