Halby Marketing is proud to offer numerous wines from the wine growing regions of Spain.

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  • Carbó Cava Brut
    Carbó Cava Brut
    A clean and brilliant green-yellow forming a slight crown, Apples and a slight toasted oak, Fresh an ...
  • Carbó Cava Rosè
    Carbó Cava Rosè
    Pale strawberry color. Abundant medium size sparkle with an excellent release, forming a wide crown ...
  • Carbó Cava Semi Seco
    Carbó Cava Semi Seco
    Gold-yellow with green hints with fine abundant sparkle, forming a fine white persistent crown, Appl ...
  • Marqués de Valparaíso Crianza
    Marqués de Valparaíso Crianza
    Bright, dark cherry red color. Complex bouquet of red and black berry fruits, on tasting the black c ...
  • Marqués de Valparaíso Roble
    Marqués de Valparaíso Roble
    Bright, dark cherry red color. Fruity bouquet of red berry fruits with smoky hints from the oak. On ...
  • Pemartin Amontillado Medium Dry Sherry
    Pemartin Amontillado Medium Dry Sherry
    The fragrant flavorsome Sherry wine is appreciated as an aperitif or in lieu of a cocktail. It compl ...
  • Pemartin Dry Fino Sherry
    Pemartin Dry Fino Sherry
    Crisp and delicate, with out a trace of sweetness, this Sherry is the choice of connoisseurs to acco ...
  • Pemartin Rich Cream Sherry
    Pemartin Rich Cream Sherry
    This velvety, full-flavored Sherry is a luscious supplement to most desserts and a classic treat wit ...
  • Pemartin Solera Brandy
    Pemartin Solera Brandy
    Choice eaux-de-vie aged oak butts produce this Solera Brandy of a delicate aroma and smooth palate.